Who are Hub Exhibitions?

The team at Hub Exhibitions boasts a collective 300 years’ experience in organising and launching award-winning and market-leading events. Our mission is to deliver topical and ethical events that give huge value to attendees and exhibitors.


Space-Comm Expo Series is curated and delivered by a team of experienced, skilled and passionate individuals who put the space industry – and the global challenges it faces – at the centre of everything they do. They submerge themselves in the space, aerospace, defence and data industries in order to host the highest calibre of events and provide a valuable and relevant platform for the supporting companies from the growing space community.


Karren Brady’s Women in Business & Tech Expo is organised by a driven team of women who are all striving to be the best they can professionally and personally. Some of us are juggling children too, but no matter what day-to-day challenges are thrown at us, we are all 100% committed to creating a must-attend event series that we are all extremely proud of, and that makes a real difference to the careers and livelihoods of thousands of women each year.

Meet the Hub Exhibitions Team

Rob Sherwood

Managing Director

Christie Day

Group Event Director

Fiona Duffin

Seminar Manager

Jessica Elliman

Operations Manager

Gen Richards

Head of Delegations for Space-Comm Expo UK

Andy Oliver

Marketing and PR for Space-Comm Expo UK

Ben Smith

Marketing and PR for Space-Comm Expo UK

Danielle Mulvenna

Finance Manager

Duncan Mckenzie

Head of Sales for Space-Comm Expo UK

Ruchi Nema

Head of Content for Space-Comm Expo UK

Sam Homersham

Sales Manager for Space-Comm Expo UK

Hazel Elms

Sales Manager for Karen Brady's Women in Business and Tech Expo

Kirsten Thomas

Business Development Manager for Karen Brady's Women in Business and Tech Expo

Susanna Bailey

Head of Marketing

Ellen Hodgson

Senior Marketing Executive

Diana Casas

Marketing Executive

Dan Day

Business Development Manager